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Tired Of Looking Tired?

Posted on Mar 24 by

For many of us, it doesn’t matter if you get your requisite eight hours of sleep or not, we still wake up with bags and dark circles under our eyes. And as we all know, if we...


The Sweeter Side Of Hair Removal

Posted on Feb 23 by

I was unpacking my brand-new double sugar paste warmer when my client walked in. Excited to show him my new purchase, I told him what I was doing.  “Sugaring,” he said,...


The Paraben Controversy

Posted on Jan 27 by

Paraben Free! So many people are relieved to see these words on a skincare product that they find them to be huge selling points, even when they really don’t know what they...


Those Rosy Cheeks Are Bad News

Posted on Dec 16 by

I love winter!  The crisp air, the feeling of being warm inside during a chilly day (maybe with a fire in the fireplace!), the scents of the season, all combine to make this a...


Trending Now: Skincare for Men

Posted on Nov 18 by

Although the majority of people who come to see me are female, lately there has been a dramatic upturn in how many men are becoming proactive in their skincare, reflecting a...


Do Your Homework!

Posted on Oct 24 by

One common thread that can be seen in my Yelp! reviews is that I am not a “hard sell” kind of person.  And while this is true, it shouldn’t be taken as an indication that...