Getting Back To The Basics – The Facial

Let’s get back to basics. Everyone knows that professional skincare therapists perform facials, and that facials feel really good, and are really relaxing. But they’re much, much more than that. They can help resolve many skin issues, from acne, to the signs of aging...

The Skinny About The Ink

Tattooing is as ancient as modern man. These decorative marks have been found in cavemen and mummies, spanning many different cultures worldwide. The first modern tattooing machine was modeled after Thomas Edison’s engraving machine and ran on electricity. Today, over...

Botox and Fillers and Needles, Oh My!

As a skin therapist, it is a part of our job that we love, to keep current on the latest and best treatments, modalities and products to address our clients’ concerns with the signs of aging. Unfortunately, there are some challenges no skincare therapist can conquer....

Tired Of Looking Tired?

For many of us, it doesn’t matter if you get your requisite eight hours of sleep or not, we still wake up with bags and dark circles under our eyes. And as we all know, if we do, we look like we partied just a little too hard the night before, when it may just be that...

Sugaring, Sweeter Side Of Hair Removal

Sugaring, the sweeter side of hair removal! I was unpacking my brand-new double sugar paste warmer when my client walked in. Excited to show him my new purchase, I told him what I was doing.  “Sugaring,” he said, intrigued, “that’s like getting a sugar scrub, right?” ...

The Paraben Controversy

Paraben Free! So many people are relieved to see these words on a skincare product that they find them to be huge selling points, even when they really don’t know what they mean. There has been a ton of controversy surrounding the use of parabens, yet most people...

Those Rosy Cheeks Are Bad News

I love winter!  The crisp air, the feeling of being warm inside during a chilly day (maybe with a fire in the fireplace!), the scents of the season, all combine to make this a special time of year.  Unfortunately, that rosy glow that accompanies this weather is also...

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Wow. Fantastic facial by Diane! We recently moved to California and I've been looking for a great esthetician. I read many Yelp reviews about various Skincare providers before deciding to give Diane a try. Thank you Yelpers! Diane responded to my appointment request promptly and followed up a text. Great Communication. Diane did an extraordinary job and my face has not looked or felt this good in ages. My daughter even commented how good my skin looks. In addition to the excellent facial, Diane was kind, courteous and explained everything. She's also a very nice lady. Thrilled. I already booked appointments for my daughters.

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